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Much Ado About Nothing


William Shakespeare


'Much Ado' about something great, PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Feb 13th, 2010


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FORT WORTH -- "In our efforts to show Shakespeare's works the respect they deserve, we may sometimes be guilty of overstating the case. We tend to isolate his plays in their own festivals, update them with garishly elaborate productions and place them on a pedestal so they might look down their noses at lesser works. So thank goodness for the Stolen Shakespeare Guild and its presentations of the Bard's works that remind us that these are just great, entertaining plays that stand on their own without the aid of an adoring context, star actors or grandiose production values. All it takes to do Shakespeare well is a capable director and cast who love and understand the texts, as is the case with the company's current production of Much Ado About Nothing at the Sanders Theatre in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center."  PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram


Arlette Morgan (Beatrice) and Brad Stephens (Benedick)


Tarun Kapoor (Don John),  Logan Ball (Borachio), Matt Nugent (Conrade)


"This romantic comedy, which makes merry with parallel plot lines about love's labors getting twisted by confusion, is well-played by a sprawling cast whose members all seem to know what is really going on (not something that can always be taken for granted with Shakespeare). The direction, credited to Jason Morgan with Lauren Morgan, deserves kudos for maintaining a brisk pace, making good use of the minimal set and props, and keeping the many players singing in the same key." PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram


From Left: Kirk A.  Corley (Don Pedro), Brad Stephens (Benedick), Allen Walker (Leonato), and Michael Kreitzinger (Claudio)


From Left: Laura Jones (Ursula), Arlette Morgan (Beatrice), Samantha Chancellor (Hero)


"The standout performance in this production is found in a surprising place. Allen Walker, as Leonato (the father of Hero, one of the female love interests) makes a minor role major by being casual and offhanded when appropriate, but also finding fire and thunder when it is needed.Walker is a key part of a moment in the second act, where this production peaks. Until this point, all has been sweetness and light. But when Hero (Samantha Chancellor) is falsely accused of betraying her fiance, things take a darker turn. And Walker, Chancellor and J King (the very perceptive Friar Francis) join forces to make the scene absolutely riveting. " PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram


From Left: Robert Krecklow (Dogberry) and Jason Morgan (Verges)



"You will walk out of the theatre in the glow of having just spent a couple of hours with Shakespeare's wonderful poetry and the broad range of human emotions he lays bare in those lines. And, when it comes to theater, it just doesn't get any better than that. " PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram" PUNCH SHAW, Fort Worth Star Telegram


From Left: Kierstin Elizabeth Curtis, Arlette Morgan, Bryan Douglas, Samantha Chancellor, J King, Laura Jones, Brad Stephens, Michael Kreitzinger


DON PEDRO, Prince of Aragon Kirk Corley
CLAUDIO, a young lord of Florence Michael Kreitzinger 
BENEDICK, a young lord of Padua Brad Stephens
MESSENGER, for Don Pedro Sven Taylor  
DON JOHN, The Bastard, Don Pedro’s half brother Tarun Kaboor
BORACHIO, follower of Don John Logan Ball
CONRADE, follower of Don John Matt  Nugent
LEONATO, Governor of Messina  Allen Walker
ANTONIO, Brother to Leonato Bryan S. Douglas 
HERO, daughter of Leonato  Samantha Chancellor
BEATRICE, niece to Leonato Arlette Morgan 
MARGRET, gentlewoman attending on Hero  Kierstin Elizabeth Curtis
URSULA, gentlewoman attending on Hero Laura Jones 
BALTHASAR, musician for the house of Leonato  Christine Hand Jones
FRIAR FRANCIS, a priest  J King
DOGBERRY, Master constable of the watch  Robert Krecklow
VERGES, the deputy constable  Jason Morgan
FRANCIS SEACOLE, a watchman Timothy Betts
HUGH OATCAKE, a watchman Sven Taylor
GEORGE SEACOLE, a watchman Aaron Vaughan