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Audition for the SSG CLASSIC FEST!
Presented by the Stolen Shakespeare Guild
Featuring She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith directed by Richard Stubblefield and The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov directed by Sharon Benge


Audition Times and Information: The auditions will be held at First Christian Church, Irving South 114 West Grauwyler Rd. Irving, TX. 75061. You may e-mail the artistic director at or call 817-988-2058 to arrange a time to audition or ask any questions. If you cannot make the audition date feel free to contact us to see if there are any other available times.
Sunday, August 20th starting at 6:00 pm
Monday, August 21st starting at 7:00 pm
Call backs TBA if needed.


Non-Equity Actors
1) Will provide a small stipend, stipend is based on profit sharing and participation in strike is required to receive any stipends.
2) Comps for 1 guest for first weekend of performances.
3) You receive an actor’s pass which you may use only for yourself to see our future shows on opening weekends for one year.
Go to our audition page to see copy of actor’s contract for more information.


Equity Actors
Equity Actors are always welcome to audition.
Contract level: special appearance level I.
We can contract up to two actors.

Preparation: Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Please bring a head shot and resume.

Rehearsals: The rehearsals will be mainly be Irving but with some in Fort Worth. The Rehearsals will move to the Sanders theatre in Fort Worth the week of the production. Rehearsals will start September 1st.

Some Actors and Actresses may be cast in both shows and some will be single cast. All roles are available.


Performances: The productions will play October 13 – 29, 2017 at the Sanders Theatre in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.


She Stoops To Conquer

By Oliver Goldsmith

October 13 - 27th 2017
Directed by Richard Stubblefield
Oliver Goldsmith’s classic comedy of manners, tells the tell of  clever schemers and comic ruses that unfold one night at a country house. An ambitious step mother impassioned sweethearts, a pragmatic father and a pair of star-crossed suitors are sent spinning through a hilarious comedy of errors.


Male Roles
Sir Charles Marlow
Young Marlow (His Son)
Tony Lumpkin


Female Roles
Mrs. Hardcastle
Miss Hardcastle
Miss Neville


The Three Sisters

By Anton Chekhov

October 20 — 29th 2017
Directed by Sharon Benge

The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha, and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to escape. Their hopes for a life more suited to their cultivated tastes and sensibilities provide a touching counterpoint to the relentless flow of compromising events in the real world.


Olga Sergeyevna Prozorova (Olga)
- eldest of the three sisters - 32 at the end of the play
- the matriarchal figure of the family
- teacher at the high school; later headmistress.
- a spinster (claims would have married any man who asked her.)


Maria Sergeyevna Kulygina (Masha)
- the middle sister, age 27 at the end of the play.
- short tempered but her vitality provides most of the play's humor.
- trained as a concert pianist
- married at 18, just out of school.
- disappointed in the marriage- has an affair with a military officer.


Irina Sergeyevna Prozorova –
-  youngest sister, age 24 at the end of the play.
-  desires to go back to Moscow for its sophistication and romance
-  when Moscow is not possible, she agrees to marry the older Baron
-  receives a teaching degree


Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov (Andrey) –
- brother of the three sisters, musician and aspiring scholar
- begins the play as a young bachelor with “prospects”                       
- by the end he is a married father of two; being cuckolded by a superior
- to settle his debts, he sells the family home without telling his sisters


Natalia Ivanovna (Natasha) –
- Andrei's love interest and later his wife: children Bobik and Sofia
- at first an awkward, poorly dressed young woman
- then grows overbearing; using her marriage to manipulate the sisters
- has temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way
- flaunts her affair with Protopopov, the head of the local council
- later become mistress of the house – and final victor of the story


Fyodor Ilyich Kuligin
- Masha's husband
- a young, jovial, kindly man
- teaches high school Latin
- truly loves his wife and forgives her infidelity
- tries to interject humor into tense situations


The soldiers


Aleksandr Intech Vershinin
- the middle-aged Lieutenant Colonelcommanding the artillery battery
- has a philosophical attitude toward life
- knew the girls' father in Moscow
- married with two young girls
- has an affair with Masha


Baron Nikolaj Lvovich Tuzenbach –
- a middle aged Lieutenant in the army      
- continually tries to impress Irina, whom he has loved for five years
- he is taunted by Solyony

Vassily Vasilyevich Solyony
- A Staff Captain in the army and somewhat of a social misfit
- in love with Irina but she finds him crude and unappealing.
- mocks the Baron and challenges him in a pointless duel.
- always carries a small perfume bottle; frequently sprinkling himself


Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin
- Sixty-years-old army doctor
- an eccentric old man who exults in his place as family friend
- and lavishes upon Irina expensive gifts
- while drunk he reveals Natasha's and Protopopov's affair.
- admits to loving the girls’ mother


Aleksej Petrovich Fedotik
- A sub-Lieutenant in the army
- in love with Irina
- tries to express his love through many small gifts
- an amateur photographer, he takes photos of the group 
- he loses all his goods in a fire, but retains his cheerful nature.


Vladimir Karlovich Rode
- a sub-Lieutenant like Fedotik
- a drill coach at the high school.



- an old man with a partial hearing loss
- door-keeper at the local council offices
- repeatedly blurts out random facts


- an 81 year old family retainer and former nurse, beloved by the sisters
- worked 30 years for the Prozorov family

Natasha despises her for her feebleness and threatens to throw her out