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Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Book By Samuel and Bella Spewack

Directed by Stefanie Glenn

Music Direction by Mary Helen Atkins

Dance Choreography by Amy Atkins

Presented on August 7 - 15 2009 , at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center in the Sander’s Theatre



















































































Rick Blake   Pops the Stage Doorman
Melissa Tillman   Hattie
Brian Cook   Paul
Jim Moss   Ralph the Stage Manager
Daron Cockrell   Losi Lane as Bianca Minola
John Tillman   Bill Calhoun as Lucentio
Lauren Morgan   Lilli Vanessi as Katherine Minola
Johnna Purchase   Dance Captain
JaceSon Barrus   Fred Graham as Petrucio
Ted Ung   Harry Trevor as Baptista Minola
Shawn Luigs   Stagehand #1
Matt Nugent   First Man - Thug
Soloman Abah   Second Man - Thug
Marshall Warren   Actor as Gremio and Flynt
Andrew Cockrell   Actor as Hortensio and Riley
Perry Cockrell   Stagehand #2
Walter Betts   Stagehand #3
Kierstin Curtis   Ensemble Singer
Laura Jones   Ensemble Singer
Amy Atkins   Ensemble Singer
Nicole Mendez   Ensemble Singer
Timothy Betts   Ensemble Singer



Logan Ball



  General Harrison Howell  



We had a patron come to see the show who said he trys to go see has many Kiss Me Kate productions as he can and has seen at least 10 different productions of Kiss Me Kate. He said this by far is one of the best productions he has seen. And that the choreography in the show really puts the show over the top.

"KISS ME, KATE' is big success for little troupe" Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star Telegram and DFW.COM

"The most obvious strengths of this presentation are the voices of the leads, Lauren Morgan as Kate/Lilli and JaceSon Barrus as Petruchio/Fred Graham. Both sing their roles exceptionally well..." Punch Shaw

"Also providing some first-rate vocal work is Daron Cockerell as Bianca/Lois Lane" Punch Shaw

"The characters known only as "the two thugs," played by Matt Nugent and Soloman Abah, deliver some of the show's best laughs" Punch Shaw

"Director Stefanie Glenn does a great job of moving her large cast around a tight space. And every scene is enhanced by a driving energy that propels the show." Punch Shaw